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Tom & Luke


tom & luke

Tom & Luke strongly believe we are what we eat. Our food philosophy is based on our absolute respect for food. Food in its natural state and all its forms. We understand that nutrition and the food we put into our bodies forms the building blocks of all our cells and fuels our energy source.

Nature is one of the most powerful forces on the planet and we believe we should not mess with it. That’s why we only use high quality wholefoods and non-GMO ingredients in our products. It is our mission to make it easy to eat clean and eat well, especially when life gets busy and time is precious.

We’re also passionate about great tasting food. We know from our joint depth of knowledge that clean healthy eating can taste fabulous. We use minimal production techniques and maximum respect for our ingredients to create products that taste real and still deliver to our gluten free and vegan foodies. When you boil it right down, it’s the firm belief that we need to do what’s right that drives us. It feels right to use sustainable whole foods. It feels right to use packaging that is recyclable or compostable. It feels right to use high quality ingredients with no nasties. It feels right to give everyone access to a quality product that takes the guess work out of whether or not what we are eating is not only ethical, but full of nutritional value and downright tasty.