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The Brothers Green

New Zealand Hemp Seed Flour

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What am I?

I am premium South Island grown Hemp Seed Flour, made by finely milling the Hemp seed meal after it is pressed to extract oil. 

Where do I come from?

I am sourced and packaged? right here in the South Island of New Zealand

Why am I so wonderful?

I am an enriched product that is gluten free, nut free, has no added sugar, is suitable for vegetarians and vegans (for those looking for vegan foods with lots of protein - this is the ticket!), and produced in a GMO/GE free production process.

I am a rich source of protein and essential nutrients for your body. I am high in essential fatty acids and meet nature’s perfect ratio of 3:1 in Omega 6 and Omega 3.

I contain GLA, an anti-inflammatory component of omega 6 fatty acids. GLA has also been shown to boost your immunity.

How can you indulge in me?

I am the ideal substitute for other types of flour that are suitable for both baking and cooking (perfect for homemade protein dense vegan foods) . My subtle nutty flavour, texture and colour is perfect for recipes including breads, muffins, gravies, sauces and smoothies. Doing this will increase your intake of vegan protein which means endless benefits for your health!

More about me:

Allergens: No way!
Storage: I’m like a Kiwi, keep me in the dark away from direct sunlight. The fridge is best but your pantry will do.
Shelf life: I can be kept for 12 months after opening.


100% hemp seed flour