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    Collection: Hemp Seed Flour

    The hemp seed flours we offer are created by pressing NZ hemp seeds to extract the oil, then milling the remains of the shell and heart of the hemp seed into a flour. As such, it is an extremely nutritious flour, containing everything of the hemp seed expect the oil. High in fibre, protein and naturally gluten free, it can be used just like regular flour in baking. Check out our recipies here.

    Hemp Seed Flour is an excellent source of fibre and protein. It is a raw plant derived flour full of amino acids and essential fatty acids. It is made by crushing whole hemp seeds to extract the oil and then finely milled into a flour. Nothing more, nothing less. This nutritional flour has a pleasant nutty flavour, mild enough to easily blend with your favourite foods.

    Using Hemp Seed Flour – It can be used just like regular flour in your baking, just swap out a 1/4 of regular flour for a healthy boost.

    Hemp flour does not rise, so should be incorporated with a leavening agent such as baking powder when used in cakes or breads.

    I am the ideal substitute for other types of flour that are suitable for both baking and cooking. My subtle nutty flavour, texture and colour is perfect for recipes including breads, muffins, gravies, sauces and smoothies. Doing this will increase your intake of vegan protein.

    Allergens – Hemp Seed flour is nut free, gluten free and is a great low allergenic option to use in baking.