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The Brothers Green

New Zealand Hemp Protein Powder

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Our high quality New Zealand Organic Gut Health Protein Powder, made in Aotearoa, is simply raw hemp seeds that have been pressed then finely milled. They contain the full range of healthy hemp nutrients including minerals such as magnesium, iron and zinc. A non-dairy option for supplementing your body with protein and fibre – easy on the digestive system.

Made from 100% New Zealand hemp, our Gut Health Protein Powder was designed to strengthen and restore your gut. It contains all 20 amino acids and is a rich source of plant based protein and essential nutrients that provide your body with plenty of energy. Hemp protein also contains edestin protein, a highly digestible protein that is easily absorbed by your body. Not to mention hemp protein has 92% bioavailability meaning that your body actually absorbs almost all of the protein that hemp provides.

Use our versatile, nutritious plant protein for smoothies, protein balls and any other type of wholesome cooking or baking.

Contains: 43% protein, 24% fibre, 8.7% polyunsaturated fats, a perfect 3:1 ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3, and only 2% sugar.



Hemp protein is made by finely milling Canterbury grown hemp seed meal after it is cold pressed to extract hemp seed oil. The minor processing means no toxins, chemical additives or processes to produce the final product, therefore no risk of toxin residue in the gut as there can be with alternative protein powders. 

Hemp protein is recommended by nutritionists for health gut microbiome and improved digestion because it does not contain oligosaccharides (which the low FODMAP diet excludes) and does not contain lactose (like whey protein). Our Gut Health Protein Powder is designed for muscle recovery, growth, repair and energy, and to feed your gut with all the necessary nutrients, minerals and fibre. A healthy gut will equal a healthy body and mind.

Hemp protein is a good source of magnesium, iron, zinc, calcium, selenium, B vitamins, omega 3 essential fatty acids and fibre. Omega 3s are good for their anti-inflammatory, anti-depressive, brain-boosting benefits. Some research even suggests that omega 3 ALA fatty acid can convert to DHA which is extremely beneficial for healthy brain nerve and neurological functions. Omega 6 contains Gamma Linolenic Acid (or GLA) which acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory while encouraging skin growth and new cell generation.


100% hemp protein powder.