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Hemp Wellness NZ

Flavoured Protein Powder

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NZ Made, flavoured, Vegan Protein Powder


NZ Made, flavoured, Vegan Protein Powder

Ritual & Rise Maple Vegan Protein blend is formulated with the highest quality New Zealand Hemp Vegan Protein and natural flavours to make your protein shakes, smoothies or bliss balls all that more appetising.

Hemp vegan protein is especially beneficial for vegetarians, vegans and those with dairy or soy allergies, who need alternative methods to meet their recommended protein intake. 

This product was grown, produced & made in New Zealand.


Banoffee Pie Flavour

If you’re anything like us and love that rich colour and sweet scent of caramel, but also love balance, our Banoffee Pie Protein Powder is the one for you! Cut out those sugary desserts from your evenings and indulge in a protein rich flavoured drink to supplement your body with essential nutrients - your new ‘ritual’. 


Maple Flavour

What is it that you love most about pancakes, waffles and french toast? Is it the happiness you feel when thinking about those Sunday mornings spent with your family indulging in a sweet plate of food? Or is it the divine maple syrup that you soak every corner of your plate in? Ritual & Rise have taken that nostalgic maple flavour and turned it into a nutritional vegan protein powder to incorporate that feeling of happiness into your daily ‘ritual’. 


Chocolate Flavour

For those moments when you just want to wrap your lips around a giant piece of brownie, think ‘ritual’ and have a drink of our delicious Double Choc Brownie Protein Powder instead. Ritual & Rise formulated this natural protein blend to fit into your daily ritual – it’s that good, you won’t want to go a day without it!


Hemp Protein, Maltodextrin (non-GMO Corn), Natural Flavour, Stabilisers (xanthan, guar, locus bean gum), Natural Sweetener (stevia).