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Benefits of Hemp Clothing

Benefits of Hemp Clothing

You may have come across the new hemp clothing trend this year.

There are several amazing reasons why hemp clothing is one of the latest clothing trends of 2020, and we're going to talk about that detail by detail in this article.

First things first, conventional fabric processing and manufacturing can be extremely wasteful and toxic to people and the planet. Even when it comes to more natural options, not all-natural fibers are created equal. This is why hemp products have become very popular, especially after growing awareness about the negative effects of cotton on water consumption. Hemp clothes offer a solution to this cotton menace. 

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Hemp fabric is known as a miracle fiber in the clothing industry because it requires no pesticides and needs little water, yet it renews the soil with each growth cycle. Its long roots prevent erosion and help retain topsoil. Hemp also grows readily in most temperate regions.

All the more reasons why hemp is now making a clothing come back that is set to make all the difference to your wardrobe and the environment.


Hemp Clothing Is Ethically A Better Choice

According to the Hemp Foundation, hemp production doesn’t consume a lot of water, unlike cotton. It needs half the amount of water of cotton, thus, it helps in tackling the scarcity of water. It is a strong plant and grows quicker than cotton as well. Hemp can produce 200-250% more fiber within the same land when you compare it with cotton.

Additionally, cotton farms use 25% of chemicals and pesticides on our worldwide population, and these pesticides can be absorbed by our skin when we wear cotton clothes and this can result in irritation and allergy. 


hemp shirts

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Hemp Fibers Contain Antimicrobial Properties

Did you know? Several studies have shown that hemp fibers have complex molecular makeup that displays antibacterial properties reducing the risk of carrying and spreading infection.


Hemp Fabrics Are Breathable and More Hygienic

Just like cotton fabrics, hemp fabrics are breathable as well and draw moisture away effectively. The best part about hemp clothing is that it has antibacterial properties, which mean that it will not allow mildew or mold to grow easily. It can keep your body cool for the summer and act like your skin's very own insulator during the winter which can perfectly keep you warm.


Hemp Fibers Can Last Longer

Natural fibers like hemp are stronger than cotton. With improved durability, hemp clothing generally lasts longer than cotton counterparts.


Hemp Clothing Is One Of The Most Comfortable Clothing Option

Hemp has incredibly fine fibers and its material is best described as resembling the feel of cotton. 

In fact, we could even say that hemp clothing is better because hemp fibers are light and soft materials that feel good on the skin and actually get softer after every wash. 


Still feeling skeptical about his new clothing trend? Switch to eco-friendly hemp clothing and experience it yourself.

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