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How are Hemp Seeds Processed?

How are Hemp Seeds Processed?

Hemp fibre and hemp seed based products are growing in popularity worldwide. The hemp plant is one of the most versatile plants on earth and interest in it is increasing year on year. The amazing plant has many uses from producing fibre and paper though to food products and even fuel. One of the biggest areas of research into the amazing hemp plant is that of health and nutrition, especially when it comes to the hemp seed. Hemp seed can be turned into oil, flour and even a very good source of protein but many people are still confused to how everything is made and processed.

Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seed oil is produced by pressing the seed of the hemp plant. Hemp seed oil is generally produced through either a cold press method, similar to olive oil or sometimes using heat to extract the oil. The cold press process produces less oil but of a superior quality while heat sacrifices quality over quantity but you won’t typically find this form on shelves. Once the hemp seed has been processed and the oil is extracted it may go through further purification or sold as is. The oil may then also be used in or added to other products like cosmetics and foods.

Hemp Protein

Hemp protein is considered one of the kings of vegetable protein. Hemp protein is made simply as ground hemp seeds. The seeds in their natural state are extremely high in protein. It is an exceptionally healthy product and for vegans and vegetarians and can become a valuable source of good protein in the diet. Hemp protein is growing in popularity because of its natural and organic state as well as the convenience it represents when adding protein to a meal or even a smoothie or shake.

Hemp Flour

Hemp flour is not that different to hemp protein but is considerably cheaper to buy. Made in a very similar fashion to hemp protein but it is done by grinding down the remains of cold pressed seeds. Hemp flour is an extremely nutritious flour alternative, full of the hemp nutrients, minus the seed oil. Hemp flour has a wonderful nutty flavour that is particularly tasty in bread. Many people are using hemp four because it has many health benefits and does not contain the allergens that some people struggle with in grain-based breads.

Hemp Infused Products

In almost every supermarket today you will find products with a cannabis leaf on them. These products rarely contain cannabis but are most likely infused with something from the hemp plant.  Hemp is making its way into everything from drinks, snacks, cosmetics and many people are easily fooled into believing they are consuming something a little taboo when in actual fact they are consuming something very healthy.  Hemp is infused into many kinds of foods as well as supplements, and there are now growing numbers of multi-vitamins are contain hemp seed oil or use the hemp seed oil as the main supplement carrier or softgel filler. It is not only human food that now contains hemp, pet food is now being produced with hemp as the same health benefits derived from hemp for humans are matched and sometimes bettered in our pets.

Health Benefits of Hemp

No matter what form hemp seed takes, an oil, flour, protein or infused into another product the overriding reason for it being consumed or used is for its superior nutrient profile. Hemp has been known for its health benefits for thousands of years, as ancient Chinese have documented its used for over 10,000 years and today this is still be studied. From helping with skin conditions to controlling blood pressure as well as feeding the brain vital omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, hemp seeds and their derivatives are all superbly healthy. The hemp plant is sustainable to grow and the hemp industry, farming, processing and reselling is one of the fastest growing in the world. As we learn more about how hemp can help with everything from pain, the common cold, heart disease the demand will continue to grow, and it will make its way into many areas of our lives.

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